Charting Our Future

The Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Authority and the Range Regional Airport are performing an update to the Airport Master Plan. RS&H was selected to guide our effort to plot out the airport’s future. The process is collaborative and necessary to align the airport’s role to continue support of the region.


Moving Forward

Like the Iron Range itself, the Range Regional Airport has evolved over the past two decades. It is now up to us to establish the course that will guide the airport for another twenty years. Directed by the data and the voices of our community, we will develop a plan forward that best supports this beautiful region.


Get Involved

We encourage you to participate in this important process. Please attend one of our open houses, follow us on Facebook, and leave us a comment. You can also stay up-to-date on the Airport Master Plan update process and be notified when new project updates occur or documents are uploaded.


What is a master plan update?

An Airport Master Plan is a study that follows a regimented process defined by the FAA. The purpose of the study is to identify short and long-term needs of the airport, tenants, users, and the public. The data collected is used to create a development plan forecasted over a 20-year planning horizon.

Planning takes place at a national, state, regional, and local level. It is based on overall transportation demands along with other transportation planning and comprehensive land use planning initiatives.

The Master Plan deliverables are two distinct documents; the airport layout plan (ALP) and the technical report. The ALP presents the concepts of development graphically in a series of drawings while the technical report speaks to the data and logic upon which the concepts are based.


Why is Range Regional Airport doing a master plan?

In 2005, Range Regional Airport conducted an update to the existing Master Plan. Since then, the airport and the industry have made significant changes in direction and practices. Northern Minnesota has experienced growth in recent years, with more visitors coming through the airport than ever before. In addition, the Chisholm/Hibbing Airport Authority introduced new carriers to the field and adopted changes in accordance with federal regulation. These factors, among others, led Range Regional Airport to find a new direction and a plan to meet the needs of modern day.


Airport Master Plan Update

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